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About House Lizards
Lizards are reptiles and there are various species but the one that enters homes is called the common house lizard. This house lizard is beneficial to us as they eat up the insect pests that enter our homes. Lizards often wander into our home because of abundance of insects that are attracted to the artificial lights at night.
Harmful Cause
Lizards are active only during the night. They prey on insects that are attracted by artificial lights such as fluorescent lamps and bulbs at night. However, in the lizards hide in dark corners and crevices. More often some people find the sight of many lizards on the walls and ceiling near the light source are annoying, and especially when their home are spotted with lizard eggs and droppings.
What We Recommend
Keep the premises clean and neat, free from other insect pests., seal up all crack and crevices , remove lizard eggs and throw them away and check for eggs behind the pictures on the wall and furniture. Remember!! Lizards are harmless creatures and they should be considered as friends rather than enemies.