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  Integrated Termite Management
Termite Prevention System

Soil Treatment

Proactive precaution is always a best form of defense against the attack of subterranean termite. Preconstruction Soil Treatment is one of the prevention system that intents to create a continuous chemical barrier between the soil, where termites live and the wood in the home. In order to provide a consistent barrier, power spraying of mixed solution is performed onto the ground beams, joints after the surface of the hardcore areas have been prepared prior to the pouring of concrete. Termite Soil Treatment offers the potential for immediate remedy that kill any termites that enter the treated soil and last for a certain period of time. However, this treatment is serve to create barrier for prevention and not necessary to eliminate the entire termite colony.

Corrective Treatment (Existing Building)

Similarly to Soil Treatment, the objective of Corrective Treatment is also create a chemical treated zone between termite and wooden product in the home. This involved drilling into the slab of building at a depth of 18 inches and at an interval of 12 to 18 inches around the walls of the building. Chemical mixtures of not less than 5 liters are then pumped into the soil via a power sprayer. A treated zone is created called Lateral Soil Movement. Termites cannot detect the treated zone as the chemical is non-repelling, odorless and colorless. Termites entering the treated zone will become disoriented losing the ability to groom and stop feeding slowly leading to their demise. There is no need for the termite to eat any bait as on contact with a small dosage of the chemical will cause them to be disorientated leading to their total elimination. Soil underneath the building should be treated to allow a continuous treated zone.

After thorough inspection and evaluation, we can provide the best options suited for your home/office. For the most advanced and effective termite removal in Malaysia, contact Anticimex Pest Management Sdn Bhd and restore your house to the stable and safe environment it should be. Get rid of termites today!