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  Integrated Termite Management
Termite Care System

A detail Annual Termite Inspection will be carry out to identify the existing Termite Infestation Point (IP) & Termite Hot Spot (HS) with recommendations to eliminate the Termite IP & Termite HP. A Termite Care Comprehensive Report will be developed and present to the client after the Termite Care Inspection.

In Ground (IG) Monitoring Station will be installed at the surrounding of the building perimeter at every 10 feet interval. Once the monitoring station detected termite, termite bait will be installed for every fortnightly monitoring until total colony elimination.  

Above Ground (AG) Treatment Station will be installed at the strategic Termite Infestation Point (IP) within the coverage of 50 feet radius or 2500 square feet. Fortnightly inspection will be performed to ensure the termite feeding and until the colony elimination process completed.