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Fumigation is one of several treatment techniques commonly used by pest management professionals.

A chemical called “fumigant” which can exist in a gaseous state is applied into a tightly sealed enclosure with sufficient concentration and sufficient exposure time, to be lethal to all life stages of insect pests or other animals, weeds or other pest and the fumigant used for the fumigation are methyl bromide or phosphine. Fumigation is also used during processing of goods to be imported or exported to prevent transfer of exotic organisms.

These fumigants are highly toxic to all living organisms. Therefore, correct procedures must be practised by a trained and qualified fumigator to ensure that the fumigant does not pose any health risk to humans and animals. An experienced and skilled fumigator will not only ensure that fumigation is done successfully, but he will also ensure the commodities are not damaged in the course of treatment.

In Malaysia fumigation activities are highly regulated as it is viewed as a hazardous operation. The following government agencies are the bodies that govern this activity.

  1. Department of Agriculture (DOA)
  2. Ministry of Health (MOH)
  3. Pesticide Board of Malaysia (PBM)
  4. Department of Environment (DOE)

Types of Fumigation:

1. Tent Fumigation

Tobacco Fumigation

2. Container Fumigation

ISPM 15 container Fumigation Quarantine Fumigation Treatment

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