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About Wood Boring Beetles
There are several types of wood boring beetles, . Example of dead wood are the timber of the buildings, wooden cabinets and flooring. Unlike the termites which are difficult to detect because they eat up wood below the surface, the wood borers make their presence known by making numerous tiny holes through the surface. The infested wood is reduced to a mass powder or small pellets.
Harmful Cause
Wood boring beetles are brought into the houses in wood that has already been infested, or they lay eggs in the wood that is not varnished, waxed or painted. The destructiveness is only secondary to the termites. The adult beetles are normally found crawling on wooden furniture surfaces and on timber flooring and they are active during the night but hide in the cracks and holes in the day.
What We Recommend
Wood boring beetles lay eggs in pores or crack on the wooden surfaces. The application of paints, vanish, wax and shellac on the surfaces will fill up the pores and prevent the beetles from laying eggs in them. Crack & crevices on parquet flooring should be sealed.

If holes are visible on wood surfaces, it means the infestation has started quite a while. Light, localized infestation may be treated with an insecticide by a professional pest controller. If the infestation is widespread on the flooring, fumigation of the wooden surface is necessary.