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About Ticks
Ticks are not insects. They are grouped together with spiders and crabs because they have 8 legs instead of 6 like the insects. Ticks are external parasites of animals and humans. They suck blood throughout their lives. Most of the ticks are encountered in the wood and fields, and only a few are pests in the house. Tick bites are itchy and irritating. Those that are pests of pets and domestic animals can bite humans and transmit diseases to both pests and humans.
Harmful Cause

In the home, the most likely tick encountered is the dog tick. The dog tick seldom attacks humans, but it reduces a dog’s vitality and causes it to be irritable. It transmits a dog disease known as piroplasmosis. (an infection of red and white blood cells.)

Dog ticks occur only on dogs. They may attach themselves anywhere on a dog, but are most often found on the ears and neck and between toes. They can become a nuisance at home when you find them appearing from numerous hiding place.

What We Recommend
If your dog has been infested by dog ticks, bring it to a veterinarian for treatment of tick infestation. At the same time, the kennel house, as well as places frequented by the dog should be treated with an insecticide by the professional pest controller. Seal all the cracks and crevices in the kennel and house where ticks may hide.