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About Store Product Pests
Beetles, moths and mites feed freely on stored products such as flour, rice, beans and dried fruits. They also live in these products all their lives, laying eggs and even developing their young within the foodstuff. They destroy food products meant for human consumption by feeding them with their cast skin, dead bodies and faeces. Stored food products which ate infested have an unpleasant odour and taste. Millions of dollars are lost each year as food products heavily infested with these pests have to be destroyed because they are not fit for human consumption.
Harmful Cause
Stored Product Pests live in and feed on stored product throughout their lives. These pests can become problematic from the time food crops are harvested on farms, through to the mills, warehouse bakery, stores, restaurants and houses. They infest stored products such as:

1. Grains (e.g. rice, maize)
2. Legumes (e.g. beans, peas, peanuts)
3. Flour and other cereal products
4. Dried fruits and vegetables (e.g. dates, raisins)
5. Tobacco leaf & cigar
What We Recommend
When infestation is detected measures should be taken to get rid of the pest before they infest other parts of the grain products. Fumigation of stored product under tight tarpaulin sheets give good control without leaving residues on the food treated. The fumigants penetrate the interior of grains and kill the larvae and pupae within. Food products should be sufficiently aired before they are used. Insecticides treatment of warehouses (floor walls and roof, etc.) should be carried out to kill the wandering adults. Care must be taken not to spray insecticides on food commodities.