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About Millipedes
Millipedes do not bite or sting humans. They normally confined to the area or garden with decaying vegetation. However, they can leave the soil and crawl into the houses in swarms. They sometimes hide beneath flower pots. The sudden migration into the premises may be due to heavy rain which raises the water level in the soil forces the millipedes to seek shelter elsewhere.
Harmful Cause
Millipedes normally live outdoor where they feed on damp and decaying wood and vegetation. They do not have venom bearing claw like centipedes. When disturb or in danger, they roll themselves up into a ball to protect their soft under parts. Some species can secrete a repugnant liquid which is brown or white. The liquid is toxic to other small animals and is usually exuded slowly.
What We Recommend
Since millipedes thrive in damp organic matter, remove all leave, plant debris and decaying vegetation regularly. Millipedes in the house are not killed by aerosols but by insecticides spray or dust. Hence, ask for a professional pest controller or to treat the premises including the surrounding soil. Special attention should be given to doorway and other openings through which millipedes can enter.