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About Spiders
Spiders are predators that eat various other arthropods, usually smaller than themselves. Common prey include crickets, flies, bees, grasshoppers, moths and butterflies.
Harmful Cause
The spider's bite may cause pain but in most cases, the venom is usually harmless. Avoid using black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders in classroom and field study. Their venom can cause more adverse reactions in humans than other types of spider venom. The bite of some large spiders can be painful, but most species are too small to break human skin, and only a few are dangerous to humans.
What We Recommend
To prevent spiders from coming indoors, seal cracks in the foundation and other parts of the structure and gaps around windows and doors. Good screening not only will keep out many spiders but also will discourage them by keeping out insects that they must have for food.