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About Hornets
Hornets, like many social wasps, can mobilize the entire nest to sting in defense, which is highly dangerous to animals and humans. The hornet attack pheromone is released in case of threat to the nest, and to mark prey, such as bees.
Harmful Cause
Hornet stings can be more dangerous than bee stings however, when it is taken into account that a person can receive multiple hornet stings from the same insect: hornets do not die after stinging their victims (hornets have unbarbed stingers). Hornets have also been known to bite and sting their victims at the same time, however biting is not as much of a concern as a hornet sting because it delivers no venom.
What We Recommend
The only thing better than properly treating a hornet sting is to avoid getting a hornet sting in the first place. The reason most hornet stings occur is that people stray too close to the hornet's nest. Simply avoid these places and you should be able to avoid another hornet sting. Also, if you notice that a hornet is building a nest near your home or place of work, remove it immediately. If a colony is established somewhere where you spend a lot of time, it is almost certain that you will receive a hornet sting sooner or later.