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About Bird Mites
Bird mites are very tiny, flattened parasitic arthropods in the order Acari. They belong to two closely related genera in two families; Dermanyssus species in Dermanyssidae. Bird mites have piercing mouthparts that enable them to take blood meals from their bird hosts. Although the mites will inadvertently bite people, they cannot reproduce without their bird hosts.
Harmful Cause

Bird Mites search for an alternative host, they will crawl onto the skin and conduct an exploratory bite to test the appropriateness of the host. The mite will move on, possibly trying the host again, but will not feed. These bites are felt as a “prick” and a resultant rash and itching, sometimes intense, will occur. Some individuals are apparently capable of sensing the crawling of the mites on the skin. A bite from a bird mite often produces intense itching. Other symptoms may include crawling sensations and sudden pricks.  Bird mite bites look like pimples or red bumps surrounded by pinkish circles.

What We Recommend
Spray carpets, couches, bedding and bed frames. This formula is specially formulated not to stain fabric. Pay special attention to cracks and crevices around baseboards and be sure to treat the seams where walls and ceilings meet. For chronic or advanced infestations.